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Zone Industrielle BP 72 RP
28 000
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사업 형태: Manufacturer - Auto Part and Component
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Created in 1985, ALGAL + is nowadays an established company in metallurgy in Algeria. She got a good reputation in aluminum extrusion, anodizing and powder coating for building and industry. She is located in Msila, 250 Km East of Algiers in the middle of both Algiers and beja??a??s port witch cover all the European continent in a record time. With an actual capacity of 15.000 Tn/year of 6063/6082 alloy aluminum profile in all forms, thanks to the profile matrix (mould) conceived wit the collaboration of the clients. We are capable of satisfying all the clients?? required norms thanks to our Japanese extrusion presses ??UBE??, worldwide reputation. Our major trump is surface treatment in anodizing or powder coating as well as our digital machining equipment of last generation intend for cutting up in length, break through and print allowing to our clients the investment economy necessary for stocking and machining installation. We especially have the opportunity of being closer to Europe where there is an important inquiry nowadays. We envisage commercializing 10.000 Tn/year,and will grow up till 40.000 Tn in 2015 thanks to the installation of new presses in our site witch surface is 125 000 sqm with energetic capacities already accomplished. We bet on the German market to be active in the industry by providing a part of their needs in aluminum profiles in the several fields witch are using the products, notably the building field ( joiner, aluminum structures, scaffoldings, automatic doors, shower cabins, furniture, urban furniture, signaletics?K) and industrial vehicles one (towrope, refrigerated cabins, truck??s side rails?K). Letter Form ALGAL+
ALGAL PLUS EXTRUSION ALUMINIUM manufactures following products
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